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  • Steroid-Free Baseball RecordsNew
    See what baseball records would look like if we removed steroid-enhanced statistics. Updated through 2016 season.


  • Boxing Championship Lineages [updated 30 Apr 2017]
    Identifies world champions (ignoring sanctioning bodies) from super bantamweight to heavyweight.
  • Critique of “Lineal” Boxing Championships (2005) Featured on Other Sites
    Examines shortcomings of “man who beat the man” title lineages.


  • BoxRec
    The largest online collection of fight records.
  • The Cyber Boxing Zone
    Contains an online boxing encyclopedia and numerous articles by extremely knowledgeable contributors. Also maintains lists of lineal title claimants.
  • East Side Boxing
    Up-to-date news, articles, and online discussions among knowledgeable boxing fans.
  • Strictly Business Boxing
    Good resource for results, upcoming fights, and business news from promotions.
  • World Title Ancestry [Mirror Archive - formerly at]
    Easy-to-navigate records of linear title fights in all weight classes.

Football (Soccer)

For current and historical records of clubs and international sides, visit the RSSSF Archive, the most exhaustive source on the web. For current events and live scores, visit Football Live.

The World Football Elo Ratings ranks international teams using an algorithm similar to that used in international chess, including all historical results. It often yields a more credible ranking than the much-maligned FIFA ranking, though the latter has improved since its 2006 revision.

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